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Killtown is een complotdenker met een obsessie: de verongelukte Boeing 757 bij Shanksville. Hij gaat niet over één nacht ijs. Elke foto wordt minitieus bestudeerd.

Zijn laatste bijdrage gaat over de krater die in Shanksville is achtergebleven en geen duidelijke sporen van een vliegtuig heeft achtergelaten. Althans, dat lijkt zo.

Killtown stelt nu dat het vliegtuig nooit die krater zou hebben kunnen veroorzaakt gezien de richting waaruit het vliegtuig is gekomen, en dat iets anders (raket?) de grond moet hebben geraakt. Dat leidt hij af uit een ophoging in die krater, alsof iets wat die kuil in schoot er ook meteen weer uit vloog.

Er is alleen een probleem met dit soort analyses: om te beginnen weten we niet precies wat er in de laatste minuten van de crash is gebeurd. Ooggetuigen zagen het vliegtuig vreemde bewegingen maken, er gaat zelfs een verhaal dat het complete vliegtuig op zijn rug de grond heeft geraakt.

Ten tweede is niet precies duidelijk wanneer de foto's van de krater precies zijn genomen, en of die ophoging al bestond of niet. Hij kan ook bij de opruimwerkzaamheden ontstaan zijn. Aan de hand foto's alleen kun je er dus eigenlijk geen zinnig woord over zeggen.

Verder dan het internet reikt het onderzoek van de complotdenkers meestal niet. Je zou verwachten dat zelfs de meest wantrouwende complotdenker eens een keer zou gaan praten met (objectieve) ooggetuigen en reddingswerkers ter plaatse, al was het maar om vermeende tegenstrijdigheden aan het licht te brengen, maar dat is kennelijk toch een brug te ver. Complotten verzinnen achter de computer is wel zo veilig. En makkelijk.


At 11:50 a.m., Anonymous Anoniem said...

Complotten proberen te ontkrachten vanachter de computer is ook wel zo makkelijk en veilig.

Vooral als je het anonmiem doet.

At 12:28 p.m., Blogger Jay said...

Hahahaha, zegt mr. Anonymous :D

At 3:26 p.m., Anonymous gompie said...

hup, Bolly

At 3:49 p.m., Blogger Jay said...

Beetje vreemd dat Killtown daarmee komt trouwens aangezien ie een hele foto gallerij heeft waarbij je ook fotos ziet van vliegtuigonderdelen....


At 5:20 p.m., Anonymous Anoniem said...

Eyewitnesses arriving on the scene stated that.

If some of the following links don't work go to www.webarchive.org and then enter them there.

Flight 93 Eyewitness Accounts
Crash Witnesses Accounts:

"I heard like a boom and the engine sounded funny," she told the Daily News. "I heard two more booms - and then I did not hear anything."

What does Temyer think she heard? "I think the plane was shot down,"

"It came in low over the trees and started wobbling," said Tim Thornsberg, a resident of Somerset County, who was working near an old strip mine when he saw the plane.

"Then it just rolled over and was flying upside down for a few seconds ... and then it kind of stalled and did a nose dive over the trees. It was just unreal to see something like that."

Eric Peterson, 28, was working in his shop in the Somerset County village of Lambertsville yesterday morning when he heard a plane, looked up and saw one fly over unusually low.

The plane continued on beyond a nearby hill, then dropped out of sight behind a tree line. As it did so, Peterson said it seemed to be turning end-over-end.

Then Peterson said he saw a fireball, heard an explosion and saw a mushroom cloud of smoke rise into the sky.

“I saw the plane flying upside down overhead and crash into the nearby trees. My buddy, Doug, and I grabbed our fire extinguishers and ran to the scene,” said Blair.

Eric Peterson of Lambertsville looked up when he heard the plane. "It was low enough, I thought you could probably count the rivets," Peterson said. "You could see more of the roof of the plane than you could the belly. It was on its side."

"There was a great explosion and you could see the flames. It was a massive, massive explosion. Flames and then smoke and then a massive, massive mushroom cloud."

“Normally I wouldn’t look up, but I just heard on the news that all the planes were grounded and thought this was probably the last one I would see for a while, so I looked up,” she said. “I didn’t see the plane but I heard the plane’s engine. Then I heard a loud thump that echoed off the hills and then I heard the plane’s engine. I heard two more loud thumps and didn’t hear the plane’s engine anymore after that.”

"We didn't hear that plane coming until it was right on top of us," she said. "Then there was a roar." She said the plane appeared to be gliding into the ground. "All at once it just stopped. There was no engine noise, nothing. Someone hollered, Oh my God!' and then there was a real loud thud."

Shortly after 10 a.m., workers on farms and scrap yards in Somerset County looked up to see an airliner flying low and erratic at an estimated 450 mph.

Bob Blair of Stoystown was driving a coal truck on state Route 30 when he saw the jet plummet "straight down." Barn windowpanes for half a mile around shattered as the jet dived into a reclaimed strip mine and exploded at 10:10 a. m.

A witness told WTAE-TV's Paul Van Osdol that she saw the plane overhead. It made a high-pitched, screeching sound. The plane then made a sharp, 90-degree downward turn and crashed.

Bob Blair was completing a routine drive to Shade Creek just after 10 a.m. Tuesday, when he saw a huge silver plane fly past him just above the treetops and crash into the woods along Lambertsville Road.
Blair, of Stoystown, a driver with Jim Barron Trucking of Somerset, was traveling in a coal truck along with Doug Miller of Somerset, when they saw the plane spiraling to the ground and then explode on the outskirts of Lambertsville.
“I saw the plane flying upside down overhead and crash into the nearby trees. My buddy, Doug, and I grabbed our fire extinguishers and ran to the scene,” said Blair.

Another witness, Michael Merringer, said he was out on a mountain bike ride with his wife, Amy, about two miles from the crash site.

"(I) heard the engine gun two different times," he said. "(I) heard a loud bang and the windows of the houses all around rattled."

Larry Williams, a former state police trooper who is now a private investigator, was golfing on the 17th green at Oakbrook Golf Course about eight miles away when he heard the engines “roar real loud and shut off.”

"We got the call about 9:58 this morning from a male passenger stating that he was locked in the bathroom of United Flight 93 traveling from Newark to San Francisco, and they were being hijacked," said Glenn Cramer, a 911 supervisor.

"We confirmed that with him several times and we asked him to repeat what he said. He was very distraught. He said he believed the plane was going down. He did hear some sort of an explosion and saw white smoke coming from the plane, but he didn't know where.

"And then we lost contact with him."

Meanwhile, investigators also are combing a second crime scene in nearby Indian Lake (2.5 miles from main crash site), where residents reported hearing the doomed jetliner flying over at a low altitude before "falling apart on their homes."

"People were calling in and reporting pieces of plane falling," a state trooper said. Jim Stop reported he had seen the hijacked Boeing 757 fly over him as he was fishing. He said he could see parts falling from the plane.
I lost this link.. but since the witness name is there I've left it up.

Some witnesses reported that the plane was flying upside down for a time before the crash; others said they heard up to three loud booms before the jetliner went down.

"There was no way anything was left," Pluta added. "There was just charred pieces of metal and a big hole. The plane didn't slide into the crash. It went straight into the ground. Wings out. Nose down."

Bits of metal were thrown against a tree line like shrapnel, said state police spokesman Trooper Thomas Spallone of Troop A in Greensburg.

"Once it hit, everything just disintegrated," he said. "There are just shreds of metal. The longest piece I saw was 2 feet long."

At 5:35 p.m., Anonymous Crap said...

"Vooral als je het anonmiem doet"

Yep, Killtown zal natuurlijk zijn echte naam zijn, om maar niet te zwijgen over al die Nederlandse 9/11 blogs, waar we ook allemaal echte namen tegenkomen.


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